Diana de los Rios, The artist and Muralist

Diana de los Rios, The artist and Muralist

Muralist Affixes A Piece Of Her Heart Unto Everything She Paints

When Peruvian native, Diana De Los Rios flew to Miami to attend her sister’s wedding, she had no idea her vacation would burgeon into an intimate voyage of the walls of some of South Florida’s most exclusive abodes. During her stay, her sister, who at the time owned a prestigious children’s furniture boutique asked Diana to paint a lampshade in her shop. Within hours of completion, the shade was sold. She then painted a mural on one of the boutiques walls and within days was hired by Beth Serrate owner of the Mercedes Benz dealership in Coral Gables to paint her daughter’s nursery, the first girl in the family after a set of triplet boys

Over the past ten years in Miami, De Los Rios has painted the nurseries in such famed estates as those owned by Latin Grammy Award Winning Artist Juanes, Fortune Real Estate’s Edgardo and Ana Cristina Defortuna, Chabeli Iglesias (daughter of Julio and sister of Enrique), Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. DiMare, philanthropist Brenda Nestor Castellano, the Holtz and Soffer South Florida family abodes as well as those owned by athletes including Mr. and Mrs. Dontrelle Willis (of the Florida Marlins) and Former Miami Heat Players Glenn Rice and Brian Grant

De Los Rios bestows an innate ability to paint, a gift she believes graces not only her mind and hands but also her heart, from where all of her work originates. Her artwork is often commended for its surreal ability to transport the viewer to a time and place of virtue by way of bold use of color and dreamlike sense of depth. She is able to surpass her clients’ requests with one of a kind custom craftsmanship that lends a magical quality to a room

Born in Arequipa, Peru into a tremendously creative family of both writers and artists, De Los Rios was known as the artist among her peers and stood out as such. She loved to depict families in her art, which lead to her to study family psychology; unaware that her passion for painting could be her life’s work. Ironically, she painted her first mural in her sister’s room when she was 15 years old.

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