Diana schedules at-home visits at no charge. She brings her diverse portfolio for your review, and while you're looking at her work, she's looking at your space. Diana will work with you to develop a plan of action to complement your space. By the end of this appointment, you may be ready to schedule a date for work to begin.

Diana De Los Rios encourages clients to be involved with the project throughout the process. If she's transforming a child's room, she often suggests on sitting with parents and children, looking through favorite books and photographs for designs or themes that suit their taste and personalities. In family or adult spaces, she encourages her clients for ideas to make their mural personal. Clients can view the chalk drawings on the walls before paint is added, adding to their sense of involvement in the process.

Although Diana has a distinctive style of painting that's all her own, she prides herself at being able to give her clients exactly what they want. She can paint a stunning landscape with realistic animals as easily as a warm folk art scene that evokes a simpler time. Her true passion is creating palettes and paintings that reflect the lives of the people who live in the home.